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Coach Aya has several years of experience in teaching English and French as a foreign language. Currently, Coach Aya is a human rights lawyer. With Coach Aya, French-speaking learners are equipped to communicate easily in an English-speaking environment.

Ousmane SANOKO

Consultant Trainer
As a consultant trainer, Coach Ousmane Sanoko has a very enriching experience by accompanying several local companies in the training and coaching of their executives and employees. Coach Ousmane is an interpreter, translator and coach in general and specialised English.

Olivier PONDO

Trainer & Translator
Coach Olivier PONDO taught for 05 years at the Makoré family school. Hes is Curriculum designer and translator at Transworld Radio. Major in the ENS national competition, year 2020-2021. He’s Trainer of candidates for the ENA competition at Intellect Group since 2020.


Teacher & Trainer
Coach Marcel KOUADIO, teacher of Junior and senior high schools and vocational schools for more than 20 years. Trainer in the Micro Scholarship Access program of the US Embassy, ​​Certified teacher in the ENEA Program. A program lead by the GESCI organization.