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About us

As we believe that the minimum requirement for international exposure, nowadays, is to be at least bilingual, our mission is to help any French-speaking person who wishes to become fluent in English, regardless of his or her basic field of activity without worrying about having to relearn specific rules of grammar and spelling.

ESbyP is a SARL Unipersonnelle with a share capital of 1,000,000 F CFA. ESbyP specializes in English practice through remote conversations.

Our story

We have found that many French speakers have the basic grammar and vocabulary skills to express themselves and carry out a conversation in English, but they do not dare to do so simply out of fear or shame of making mistakes.

Based on this fact, which he experienced, Mr. KOMENAN, with his 20 years of experience in management, decided to set up a concept to help all those who, like him, have love and passion for the English language, and who want to free themselves from the fear of taking the floor when a meeting is switched to English because an English speaker has entered it.

Our story

ESbyP Concept

The “English Speaking by Practicing” concept was born in 2012 with a method based on making our clients speak out and helping them go beyond a simple mistake. 

From that moment on, we have been inspired by the example of a child who is born and has no rules of grammar or vocabulary but, after a few years, begins to speak; not only through practice but also because a child does not mind the mistakes and errors he/she makes. 

Tested in in-person sessions, we used to receive about 50 executives and/or company directors every month for our chat sessions in groups of 5 people.